You know where you want to be...but do you know how to get there?

Because in between where your business is now and where you want it to be is a big sea of marketing muck. And the path you choose to get ‘there’ is critical to your overall success.

You have the vision. We have the map. Let's set our sights on the horizon!

You have the vision. We have the map.
Let's set our sights on the horizon!

So which path is best for your business?

Via Muse will navigate those murky waters and create a clear, clever and highly effective plan in moving your business forward.

We are a network of marketing professionals with deep experience in all aspects of marketing; overall strategy, content development, advertising, branding, product launch, websites...we could go on, or you can check out our portfolio!

We take pride in establishing solid, trusting relationships with our clients. We maintain flexibility in working with your time frame, your budget, your staff.

Let Via Muse help you navigate those murky waters into crystal clear success. 

Services we provide:

  •   Copywriting
  •   Content Strategy
  •   Branding
  •   Social Media Plans
  •   Product Marketing
  •   Advertising
  •   Email Campaigns

About the Owner


My name is Cindy Owens and I am a marketing-holic. I have over 15+ years experience in the Marketing field. It was love at first sight during my college days at Carlow University and continued on through earning my Masters in Marketing from Duquesne University. I have worked in a wide array of industries performing within diverse marketing experiences; from telecommunications to hospitality to manufacturing to consulting... I have dabbled in product management to marketing communications to research and strategy.  So many fascinating facets that all come together to encompass the essence of Marketing.

As you may have detected, I have much enthusiasm and passion for Marketing. I believe it is a critical component in any successful business plan. Without Marketing, there is a bridge missing between your business and your customer. Your cool product or service is washed ashore before it even reaches your audience.

I know you have many options when outsourcing your Marketing. You have to find one that matches your business philosophy. A partner that you can trust and feel comfortable with sharing your ideas and dreams. I am available to speak with you without any commitments or clocks. I know Marketing. It's not just a brochure. Or an ad. Or a catchy slogan. These are only pieces of the pie. Marketing touches almost every aspect of your business, so treat it as your very important connection to your potential customers.