This little ditty is a glimpse into a creative mapping session and will be customized based on your needs. The questionnaire will help US gather the necessary information for creating your marketing map and will help YOU get insight into our thought processes. (Yes, contrary to popular belief, us 'creatives' do follow processes!).

Why so many questions? Well, there is a reason for each and every one of them. While we are not on your payroll, we are still your marketing allies. We are highly competitive professionals who want what you do - more sales, calls, visits, clicks...and a stronger end product. We will achieve the coolest, creative strategy for your business by working openly and collaboratively from the get-go

1. What are your business goals? Acquire more customers? Convert first-time buyers to loyal customers? Increase the average sale? Counter new competition?

2. Who is your audience? Is your current audience your preferred audience? Is there a new demographic you would like to reach? The more we know about who you are trying to reach, the more successful we will be at finding the most effective channels and persuasion tactics.

3. What are the top atttributes about your product or service? What do you have over the competition? Let's list some features and benefits. How will your product or service make your audience's life easier or more enjoyable?

4. Speaking of competition, who are your competitors? What differentiates your company from theirs?  How are they better? worse?

5. What are your current marketing methods? What works, what doesn't? What do you have in your marketing library today that we could use? Graphics, brochures, customer testimonies...lay it out there!

6. Who are your vendors you are working with today? How is that working? Are you satisfied? What would you change?

7. Are there reasons why your customers are not buying from you? If you have this information, please share it with us.  We need to understand the obstacles and how we can overcome them.