Content is King in 2013!

Content. Get used to hearing, reading, speaking that word. Content creation, content strategy, content can be dizzying. Especially because content is not what it used to be: some words describing a product or service. Oh no. Content today will be about connecting. Because customers are in the driver's seat. They demand connection. They demand transparency. They demand your understanding; of their needs, their problems, the world they live in. And that is what content does - connects. First you need to really know your audience and where they are looking. This could mean content in various voices across various channels (social, web, print, radio, outside ads, inside ads, etc.) Then, and only then, your business will have its crowning glory.

This is a great article encompassing the evolving world of content and why its more important than ever.

Don't Forget Awesome: 5 Steps To Creating Brand Content