Try Marketing with Emotion

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

A thought-provoking quote by the beautiful Maya Angelou.

With so many words and images thrown at you each day, through the internet, on billboards, even riding on grocery carts!  Which ones, if any , stick with you? Why do you think they stick? Did they make you laugh? Did they make you think? Did they give you hope, make you feel good or inspire you?

In the marketing world, there is a plethora of emotion-evoking words that help to pull customers in then move them into action. Examples of emotions that evoke action; frustration, hope, trust, guilt, belonging, freedom, trend-setting. The list can continue.  Many products complete in the same category. How do you stand out? Big names like Dove (campaign for Real Beauty), AllState (In Good Hands for a Good Life) and Budweiser (while they do not have many ads, the ones they release are tugging at our heart strings!)

But emotional marketing goes beyond words and advertising. How you treat customers throughout their purchase should be included.  Personalized, customized care. Yes, even online service with thank you's, using their name, knowing their preferences - both for purchases and how they would like to be contacted.

Catchy phrases and cute images only go so far. Inject some emotion into your marketing.