Black Marketing

With all of the big retailers battling it out for shoppers on Black Friday, I wonder if Black Friday will eventually be dissolved? Target already sent their "preview" ad in an email. Bold move, considering competitors can now respond. I'm sure there will be more to come from Target before next Friday.

Toys R Us is offering a daily deal on their website. Plus their strategically scheduled events on Saturdays. Another daily deal store is Walmart,  promising their best deals to appear online. (I guess also a gesture to alleviate some Black Friday black eyes). But, unless you spend $50, you're paying for shipping as well.  I don't know about you, but I don't have the time (or memory) to review all of those deals...daily. 

What Walmart is offering that is cool (and time-saving!), is an app that will find the lowest price for your item in any store. Then they will match that price. While you are in the store! Now that will save a couple of trips around town.

These stores don't hold back on creative sales and pull marketing, on Black Friday as well as the entire holiday shopping season. Many stores have already started the trend of opening earlier than Friday. Do you think Black Friday will eventually dissolve into just a holiday season? Or is Black Friday too rooted in tradition?

Taking this into small business, in addition to the Small Business Shopping Day (Thank you American Express!), what kind of marketing traditions can you come up with for your business? It doesn't have to be focused on the holiday season. Is there a tradition in your industry? A more personal one in your business that you can make a big public deal about?  Everyone loves a deal, but making it a tradition that everyone anxiously anticipates each year can be a nice draw. Make it an event. An invitation-only sale. A small cookout or gift for loyal customers. Be creative and unique. Just watch crowd control!