You Talkin' to Me?

Whether you are launching something new to the market or wondering why your current offering just isn't could be in the way you 'talk'.  Talk, in it's 'marketing' meaning is the voice you write in, the tone of it, the choice of words, etc.

First, it is critical to determine who your audience is. With so much information readily available today, you can go deeper than ever when defining your audience. Beyond geography, gender and income, you could define your audience by;

  • influencer vs. buyer
  • end user vs. distributors
  • new users vs. experienced
  • by titles, positions
  • by generations and on and on...

Go even further into their psyche (know them like your child or coworker);

  • What are their concerns? Their drivers?
  • What are their interests?
  • What makes them tick?
  • What are they afraid of?
  • What makes them happy?

Each persona has a different aspect, point of view/insight. Each needs to be addressed directly.

Now who, but how?

Now that you know who are you talking to, speak to them directly. Use their words, not yours.  A good way to find out how they talk is, well, talk to them. Listen closely to the words they are using and then insert those words into your material.  Critically examine your website for a comparison of "you's" versus "I's" or "We's".  Research similar businesses and competitors to see how they are speaking to a similar audience.  Keep close tabs on subjects that are trending with these folks. There are website tools available to track specific industries. Then get out there are show them you know them. You understand their needs, wants, desires and you are here to help. Because it's all about them. Not you.

Now you can expect your audience to be thinking, "Whoa, it's like they are talking directly to me!"