Write Something Powerful Today

Did you know that today is a very important day? A reason-to-celebrate-day? Well, okay, everyday should be, right? But let’s face it, mama was right about some of them.

Today is National Day on Writing, as dubbed by the National Council of Teachers of English. Why is that a reason to celebrate, you ask?  Well, as a person with a passion for writing, I realize the impact that any form of writing can make on somebody’s, anybody’s life. Whether it is stating a fact or saying thank you or something motivational, written words can move.

Writing grants you the power to transform a blank piece of paper into a masterpiece. You can orchestrate individual words to come together to create a symphonic message. And you are the conductor. Yes, you have that power – to inspire, to inform, to invoke emotions. 

So you say you’re writing is mostly limited to text messages these days. While it is my profession (and I highly recommend hiring such a professional for your business needs!) I also want you to give yourself some credit. Try writing down your thoughts for day. In your head, have a conversation with a customer. You nailed the presentation and made the sale. Now write down what you said to them. Write from your heart, where your passion resides.

So, if just for today, write something powerful, meaningful. It can be the next Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. It could be the quarterly report due to your boss. Or it could be a simple text message that will put a smile somebody’s face.

Write. It’s exercise for the brain.