Take Your Camera to Work Day

Not your dog. Not your child. Make your next commute with your camera. Strap it on and be ready for a new view of your business.  This is especially helpful for store fronts, restaurants or offices where customers physically visit. But nobody should feel slighted because this applies to any product, material or print that will fall into the hands of a potential customer.

No doubt you have come to realize that image, while maybe not everything, is still one of the most important factors in the success of your brand. That goes for your products, your logos and print, your structural building and yes, even your haircut.

Ever wonder how your customers really see you?

In your daily grind of the same rush hour route, walking the same number of steps and plopping into the same chair, it's easy to overlook how others may see you and your business.  Taking a camera with you forces a new perspective.  Look at colors, textures, lighting - is it appealing? (interesting read: http://ow.ly/JQ4jO). Make it a challenge to uncover the overlooked. Through the lens, search every corner, every crevice. See every speck of dust, every chip in the paint. Anything broken? Windows smudged?  All lead to your image!

Now do the same for your products, any marketing material. Print the photos and examine them. Compare them to the competition. Who looks better, more appealing? Perhaps you need to shine in a different light? (Figuratively and literally). Do the same for your ads. Which ones catch your eye first? Why?

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Pay careful attention to the directions you give customers. If there is a comparable route that is more scenic, send them that way.
  • Time for new stationary or take aways?
  • Spring cleaning and an office/store refresh on paint, flooring and/or decor? This is no time to point fingers - just roll-up your sleeves and do ti. Order lunch in as a reward to employees.
  • Consider new product/food photos? Sometimes good to refresh your inventory at the change of the seasons.
  • While you click away, keep in mind that you can use some appropriate photos for social media.
  • No camera? Take a letter-sized piece of paper and cut a hole large enough for one eye to see through.
  • When was the last time you had a haircut?