Content - What to Write About and Where to Get It

Content is everywhere.  I'm stating the obvious, sure. But content is top priority for most Marketing departments today. It is given more attention on the business strategy from the CEO to the social media coordinator. It is getting attention from your customers. And from potential partners. And competitors. But are you writing content that is getting the right attention?

Now that we've established the inescapable plight of content, what should you write about? Where could you gather ideas? And where do you send them?

First consider the content that will grab the attention of your audience. Remember there are various stages of the buying process, so there should be content for each stage. And for each stage, there are various mediums for distribution; online, print, radio, television, etc.  So before things get out of hand, start by making an editorial calendar that lists each medium utilized in each stage of your customer's buying process.

Now onto topics. Here are a few bullet items to get your brain rolling on ideas;

  • Industry publications (You can grab topics and either expand on the subject or challenge)
  • News headlines (if you can make them relate to your business)
  • Social media
  • Competitors
  • Partners
  • Check in with Customer Service - what is their hot topic?
  • Instructions/teaching
  • Storytelling
  • Guest posts on your blog

Now that you have a hundred ideas floating around - write them down! When you begin to expand on each idea, incorporate the following tips;

  • Make sure the content adds high value. Customers are investing their limited time in your reading.
  • Shareable content (humorous, emotional and educational content gets shared easily)
  • Encourage interaction and participation
  • Balance creativity with an effective call-to-action.

Finally, share the love.  Share on printed collateral, social media, industry website, partner sites, press release distribution and even try to get something published in trade magazines.

Whatever you write about, pick a suitable style and stick to it. A voice, a style, is part of your brand. The written word can move people, get them to think. Be that powerful today!