Tune in to Your Customers. Listen to Their Music.

It may happen in the car while driving to work or while watching television. Maybe you overhear it while shopping. It doesn't matter where you are, the time of day or who you are standing next to at the time...that it hits. That song. The one that takes you back in time. You know the exact time - the year, your hairstyle and some other details that just come back from the cob webs in your mind. But the vivid pictures aren't all that come back to you. Weirdly enough, you experience similar emotions from that time - whether it was an exhilerating championship or a bad break-up - either way, you start, willingly or begrundingly, reliving the moments, like watching it on VHS in slow motion.

What power music holds in our emotional world. It can bring us comfort, relief, excitement, nostalgia or inspiration. Isn't that the kind of connection we all want with our customers? Don't we ultimately want a hold on their excitement? We want them to find a comfortable confidence in our product, service or solution. It's time to tune into their music.  Yes, your product has bells and whistles and your service comes with a guarantee. But to really get their attention, find out what gets to their emotions. Can you help relieve a frustration for them? Can you  bring happiness in their lives? Can you get them excited about a hobby or their job? Help to make their lives easier, whether it's personal or business. Just listen.

When you connect with their emotions, you capture and take hold of their attention. They will remember the feeling and, thus, will remember the details of your business when it's decision time.

Music (& Marketing) is more than just bells and whistles. Make a symphony.