Spring Cleaning Your Marketing

It never fails, this time of the year - I get the urge to clean each room of my home from the top of the curtain rods to the bottom of the forgotten baseboards. But, after a few days, I lose the urge to clean and consider buying new curtains, sheets and rugs. Then I consider my budget.  Time to dust off the cleaning supplies and get to work.

Now is also a good time of the year to freshen up your marketing. If you don't have it in your budget for a major image overhaul, or don't need one - consider some small 'refreshers' to your brand:

  • Brighten your colors...in your logo and print or even in your office. You want your brand to be eye-catching, maybe it's gathered a bit of dust and needs a little polishing.
  • Add to your print pieces. Okay, so you have the business cards and letterhead, how about custom envelopes, portfolios or professional-looking brochures? Or add a new 'leave-behind' or giveaway to your inventory. Customers appreciate the little surprises. And it doesn't hurt to keep your brand in front of them after you leave!
  • Change some wording; to your website, brochures, anywhere that you have copy written. Maybe the design needs modernized or maybe some of the information is outdated? For it's not only the season of spring, but of taxes, too - so give your content a good, thorough audit. Make sure the information is correct, easy to understand and free of any grammatical errors.
  • Start or revisit your marketing inventory. Keep an organized inventory of the marketing materials that exist in your library, the date they were created, last edited and then categorize them.  Then set a timeframe, say 6 months, when you revisit each document to ensure integrity.

'Springing' for a little touch-up/clean-up is well worth it. The attention to detail shows your customers that you care about your image and you are on top of things! And that will put a smile on your face and a 'spring' in your step!