Toss the Textbooks

Do we really need textbooks anymore? It's been oh, just a handful of years since I've been in college, so I'm betting there are still those way-over-priced-backbreaking textbooks displayed in college bookstores everywhere. Granted, when it comes to science or mathematics, a tangible referral would come in handy if I had a need to say, perform an aortic dissection. Well, I'm in the marketing field so I'm lightening up my attitude and my backpack. I say toss the textbooks and ignite the imagination. Create your own rules. Go your own way.

This anti-textbook attitude of mine leaks into the professional world as well. Every business is unique. Every business owner is unique. What may be effective for a coffee shop owner who loves music in the city may not sell one grande-skim-double-shot-no-whip-vanilla-latte for the coffee shop owner who is a book-loving introvert in the suburbs.  You see, there are many factors that go into whipping up a perfect marketing recipe including the obvious; pricing, packaging, place and promotion.  What about other factors such as personality, picky people and personal beliefs?  Just to name a few. 

I guess the lesson of the day is, don't feel pressure to follow industry pack or, worse, the 'Marketing for Everyone' textbook.  Toss the textbook and enjoy your latte snuggled up in your imagination. You'll be surprised where it takes you.